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By day, I am the Director of Publishing Technology at Jones & Bartlett Learning. I spend most of my time in Xcode and Applescript.

At night, I am a degree candidate at Harvard University, Extension School working towards a Bachelor of Liberal Arts with a concentration in Computer Science.

Beyond those, I am a husband and father. In toto, I have no spare time.

As for the site itself, Applescript, Objective-C, and their variants are the main topics found on this site, mainly in the form of my favorite code snippets from my personal wiki. I post them in the hopes that they will help someone out of similar jams I have found myself in after I had found documentation seen elsewhere lacking for whatever reason. Some large and mostly complete projects have been placed on GitHub for others’ use and enjoyment.

There is a blog with which I have a sporadic, contentious relationship (we’re broken up right now while I figure out the direction I want to take with it—it was getting a bit scattered—but links might still exist) that allows me to post whatever itch needs scratching or share whatever may catch my eye. Occasionally NSFW, because I sometimes curse. Posts are not always (read as: practically never) noted as such, so reader beware. Just so we’re absolutely clear, this is a personal web site where I write pretty much whatever I want, and nothing I publish represents the position of my employer.

Beyond that, there is also my resume and some obligatory legal jargon. Below is a copy of my usual avatar for the online forums I frequent to varying (usually lesser) degrees and elsewhere a picture of a shoe. The shoe is important. The shoe is no longer important, but the degradation of the shoe’s importance is important, in and of itself, if only because it drove the design of the site for a long, long time.

Anyone is welcome to contact me (an email address is casually hidden in the Legal page) with comments and questions.




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