Remember Melania Trump’s cyberbullying pledge? Neither do I.

From the Boston Globe:

When Melania Trump pledged to make combating cyberbullies a pet issue last November, the idea was met with a healthy measure of skepticism. After all, her husband was just finishing up a presidential campaign fueled by heated social media attacks.

Now, almost six months after Melania stood at Donald Trump’s side as he took the oath of office, she has done nothing publicly to live up to her original promise — and probably has lost her chance to do anything effective, given the president’s continued aggressive behavior on social media, according to experts in the field.

Remember Melania Trump’s cyberbullying pledge? Neither do I. At the same time, none of this is surprising. Republicans approved all of Donald Trump’s boorish behavior when they made him the Presidential nominee, both explicitly and implicitly (for party members to now ask him to stop with Twitter is just laughable, but you reap what you sow). When faced with such a high hurdle to overcome—the President, her husband, helps define cyberbullying—in a situation where she has such little control over her day, then why even bother?