Only in order of colloquial priority…

By day, I am the Director of Publishing Technology at Jones & Bartlett Learning. I spend most of my time in Xcode and Applescript.

At night, I am a degree candidate at Harvard University, Extension School working towards a Bachelor of Liberal Arts with a concentration in Computer Science.

Beyond those, I am a husband and father. In toto, I have no spare time.

As for the site itself, Applescript, Objective-C, and their variants are the main topics found on this site, mainly in the form of my favorite code snippets from my personal wiki. I post them in the hopes that they will help someone out of similar jams I have found myself in after I had found documentation seen elsewhere lacking for whatever reason. Some large and mostly complete projects have been placed on GitHub for others’ use and enjoyment.

There is a blog with which I have a sporadic, contentious relationship that allows me to post whatever itch needs scratching or share whatever may catch my eye. Occasionally NSFW, and posts are not always (read as: practically never) noted as such, so reader beware.

Beyond that, there is also my resume and some obligatory legal jargon. Below is a copy of my usual avatar for the online forums I frequent to varying (usually lesser) degrees and elsewhere a picture of a shoe. The shoe is important.

Anyone is welcome to contact me (an email address is casually hidden in the Legal page) with comments and questions.




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