This site is developed and maintained with WordPress. I tweak this site every so often when the spirit or necessity moves me to exercise my web skills. The color scheme may change, but for now it is based on my current favorite pair of shoes.

There are, however, some differences between the shoes I own and the one pictured here. The beige parts on my shoes are actually a dark brown, the orange is much brighter, and the white in that shoe is grey, smooth leather. The pattern is correct, however. Thus, the importance of the shoe.

The shoe is no longer important now that I am going with the default theme for the sake of easy support for the site. I will likely stick with orange as the accent and highlight color.

The Taglines

Taglines change periodically to those little snippets of writing that capture my attention in a particular way that I am unlikely capable of explaining. Credit for these is given here:

Add salt to taste

Every cookbook I own has this phrase everywhere. In the context of this site, this refers to the code found here. Code found on the web rarely ever works as writ, and alteration of some kind is required. Adding salt to a dish to suit one’s taste cum altering code to suit one’s needs.

explosion of pedigreed bunk

Taken from the covers of Captain Billy’s Whiz Bang, a pulp magazine from the turn of the 20th century and later.

all great sagas should begin with “So.”

A conclusion I made upon reading Seamus Heaney’s translation of Beowulf, which begins (amusingly) with “So.”

Some assembly required.

I have kids. Those three words are burned into my brain.

Aged for smoothness and taste

Saw this on a t-shirt and it made me laugh.