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Just take down the ExtraCare system already, CVS

CVS receipts are notoriously (stupidly) long and finally action is being taken based on an article this morning in the Globe. This sentence in the article particularly caught my eye:

Early next year, shoppers will be given the option of electronically sending all coupons and rewards directly to their [ExtraCare] cards.
Boston Globe: Long CVS receipts spark social media sensation (subscription likely required)

I can’t stand these shopper cards, regardless of their purported usefulness. The only reason why I have one is to take advantage of the sale price when it exists. That’s it. I do not manage my ExtraCare account. Hell, I barely find the time to make my lunch the night before work the next day. As soon as I walk out of the CVS, I forget about both the receipt and the account. But now, if card holders will be given the option of sending all the savings directly to the card, then just get rid of the card. If the sole point of the card will then be to track purchases, then the card is now rendered a pointless burden on the customer because purchase tracking is entirely CVS’s problem and not the customer’s. Just give the lower prices to everyone and remove the entire card system entirely. What would be the ROI on removing these systems entirely now that purchasing and tracking systems are much more sophisticated?