Retrograde Inverted Fragmentation

I’ve been spending my spare time learning more about music composition to go along with my work in Logic Pro X. I came across this fantastic quote in a book I picked up for cheap:

When given a theme or a motive, there are really only two possibilities: repetition [and] change. Repetition is self-explanatory. Change can be as simple as a sequence or can become quite abstract (retrograde inverted fragmentation, for instance). Instead of tying yourself up in knots, try applying basic operations to what you already have. Not only will this likely bust through your block, but it will also enhance organic coherence of your work (constant change is disorienting to the listener–this is undesirable unless its an affect you’re aiming at).

Brandon Nelson, Composition Toolbox: Practical Ideas to Inspire

Two quick thoughts about this quote.

  1. It sounds like good generalized advice along the lines of “when in doubt, go back to the basics.”
  2. I have no idea what “retrograde inverted fragmentation” is, but it sure sounds like fun.