Edit each line in a document

The text window class is the window that contains all of the documents open. Thetext document class contains the text itself. To interact with the text in an object-oriented manner, call text window n -> text n -> lines.

	text window n
		text document n
		    contents --plain text
	text window n
		text 1
			lines --objectified text

tell application "BBEdit"
	tell text window 1
		tell text 1
			repeat with thisLine from startLine to endLine
				set contents of line thisLine to CreateConstant(contents of line thisLine) of me
			end repeat
		end tell
	end tell
end tell

on CreateConstant(theVariable) -- (theVariable as string) as string
	(* Const constantName = "value" *)
	return "Const k_" & theVariable & " = \"" & theVariable & "\""
end CreateConstant